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Here you can anonymously, safely exchange crypto and e-money into CZK and back.

At the best rates in Prague and Czech Republic.





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How does the transaction go?

Personal meeting

You meet at CRYPTOBANK office, send cryptocurrency, receive cash.

Bank transfer

You send cryptocurrency to the wallet, which will give you the operator CRYPTOBANK.CAPITAL, within 30 minutes you get the money on your bank account.

Benefits of CRYPTOBANK


We guarantee complete confidentiality and anonymity of all data. This means that customers’ personal information will never be disclosed.

Security guaranteed

The transaction is conducted in a confidential office environment where you have full control over the process.

Legal Compliance

All our transactions comply with the laws of the Czech Republic.



We respect your time and ensure fast transactions that take no more than 5 minutes to complete

Flexible commission

The amount of commission depends on the current market situation; sometimes we offer an additional payment on top of the set rate.


Our resources are always sufficient to meet any buy or sell request.

Already more than 500 customers in the Czech Republic trust us


Only CRYPTOBANK!  We often receive payments in USDT, it is very convenient that there is a bank transfer option!


Everything is clear, fast, I recommend!

I was selling 190 SOL, the man came and showed me the money. I transferred it and received cash.

There is no better service in Prague


I exchanged USDT for CZK, contacted the operator, the meeting took place in the shopping centre, hand to hand exchange! Super service

Cooperate with the best exchanges and crypto wallets

Beware of scammers who may work on behalf of CRYPTOBANK.

All official contacts are available only on the CRYPTOBANK.CAPITAL website.


According to Czech law, we can exchange currency up to 270,000 CZK, which is approximately 11,000 euros.

Exchange processes for amounts less than 1000 euros are completely anonymous.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) is a system for detecting money laundering schemes based on extensive data analysis. Suspicious transactions are identified by analyzing all available data.

The exchange rate is based on the market rate of the selected coin (e.g. CoinMarketCap) and the CRYPTOBANK service fee.

You can exchange such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, as well as any other cryptocurrency at your request.

The size of the commission depends on the direction of the exchange and the amount. Due to the high volatility of the market, it is recommended to clarify the amount of commission in advance.

Bitcoin or any other selected cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet within 5 minutes after payment of the request.

We offer our clients transparent conditions, sufficient reserves and individual approach!

In order to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, all transactions are conducted individually in our office.

Delivery to cities in Europe and Ukraine is possible. Please specify the city you are interested in and we will try to satisfy your request.


We are always happy to help you! Our specialists are available

for consultations and answers to your questions.